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Let’s talk diaper bags.  I went through a few before I found out about Ju-Ju-Be.  Three in the first two years of my daughter’s life to be exact. I found myself always having to look for stuff.  It felt like searching for shit in a bottomless pit.

One day, I googled ‘best diaper bag for 2 children’ and Ju-Ju-Be came up.  I went to their website and was impressed with what I read.  These diaper bags are: machine washable (this alone sold me), stain resistant (Teflon treated fabrics help repel stains at the source), they have light colored lining (Agion Treated linings protect the lining by inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew), they have crumb drains, memory foam changing pads, insulated bottle pockets, a mommy pocket, a felt lined tech pocket, and additional pockets for organization.  I’m not playing when I say this brand has the absolute best products out there.

In addition to diaper bags, they offer an amazing array of accessories each with a different function.  For example, I used to use a Be Quick as a ‘diaper clutch’.  If we were out and about and needed to change a diaper, I would only have to open my bag, grab my Be Quick and change pad and take my kid(s) to the restroom, while my husband waited (If I was by myself with the kids, then I obviously would take the diaper bag in with us, but i knew exactly where all my diapering needs were).  I always kept my Be Quick packed with a about 4 or 5 diapers, some baby wipes, A&D Ointment,  and Lysol spray.  Now that my kids are out of diapers, I use my Be Quicks for different things.  They can be packed with an extra set of clothes for each kid, as a bathroom bag with: lysol spray, disposable toilet seat liners, flushable wipes, and travel johns, to pack snacks or you can use it to pack mommy essentials.  The possibilities are endless.  Check out the amazing packing videos posted on YouTube for ideas.  My personal favorites are GradysMom‘s older videos (I love her current stuff too) and Kate Schwanke.

I have tried many of the styles before finding ‘diaper bag peace’ with the Be Right Back.  Really, it all came down to what my husband was comfortable carrying.  Ju-Ju-Be has come out with the XY Collection designed for men so they don’t have to carry the crazy ass prints that us women love.

If you are interested in purchasing the items I have, you can do so by purchasing directly through Ju-Ju-Be or you can click on my amazon affiliate links below:

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XO ~ Raquel